Philodendron Florida Green: A Complete Guide for Beginners

philodendron florida green

Philodendron plants are suitable for house planting activities. Florida green plants are highly preferred for designing your interior house because they look elegant and attractive to everyone who sees them. These rare plants cannot be found in any ordinary store, but some specialized store sells them.

Philodendron Florida green is a rare and unique plant, and the leaves of these plants are gorgeous and perfectly shaped like a star. They are small in size, and you can keep them anywhere in your room. Apart from this, caretaking of these plants is very easy, so if you are new to house planting, then philodendron Florida green would be a perfect choice.  

What Is Philodendron Florida Green?

Florida green is a variegated plant with beautiful leaves in green and dark green color. This variegated plant Belongs to the Araceae family of aroids. These plants are ancient, so the origin of these plants is not particular, and some people says that the region of these plant is lost in time. 

Philodendron Florida Green
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There is a conspiracy about this plant that they are produced by a cross between Philodendron pedatum and squamiferum. These aroids are climbing plants with the scandent stem. In addition, they are also an evergreen plant that stays green every season. With the plant’s maturity, its leaves become more attractive. 

How to Take Care of Philodendron Florida Green? 

The process of caretaking for Florida green is very straightforward because these plants are mainly for people who are new to house planting. The temperature range should be around 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit as Florida green likes to grow better in warmer climates. Additionally, the soil you are using should be moist for their better development. Finally, make sure that the soil should not soggy. Water logging can be dangerous for your rare and beautiful plant.

To get rid of waterlogged or soggy soil, you can lose your potting mix, which allows water to drain from tiny pores. The light requirement of these plants is not much high, but still, they need indirect light to grow better. And the humidity must be above 45 degrees is necessary wherever you place your plant. 

Light Requirement

For better growth of your philodendron Florida green, you might want to provide bright and indirect sunlight. Indirect sunlight is essential because direct exposure to the sun can cause sunburn or turn your leaves into yellow color, which might be disappointing. Less lighting conditions can also damage your plant as a result in leggy growth with space between the leaves of your plant.

In case your house is not suitable for lighting conditions, or you are unable to provide natural light to your plants. You might use artificial lighting, which is specially designed for philodendron plants. As you already know that they are climbing plants, so they need support to grow better; providing them with tree bark or a stick would be necessary, or you can also provide them with solid threads. 

Check your plant regularly and rotate them to see where they are growing equally from all sides. Apart from this, use a Cotton Bowl to clean the dust from the leaves of your plant because dust can be a hurdle in the processes of photosynthesis.

Water Requirement

The water requirement of Florida green plants is very high; they need a lot of water to grow their leaves large and beautiful. You should keep the potting mix moist all the time and do not let them be dry. A wet potting mix does not mean that you should give excess water to your plant. Make sure to remove every single drop of extra water because soil or waterlogging can cause several problems in your plant.

Problems like turning the leaves yellow or dropping off leaves can be caused by excess water in your plant. Philodendrons can survive in little dry soil, but they will not grow like in most soil. In the winter season, these plants do not require much water because the soil stays moisturized in the winter season.

Make sure that you let your soil dry between the watering in the winter season. You can check the soil with your fingers by inserting them into the soil; if it seems dry, then it would be ideal for watering them, but if it is still moist, then don’t water them.

Soil Requirement

The simple soil used in all plants will do an excellent job for philodendron Florida green. The process of selecting soil is not complicated work and while making the potting mix, remember that you should keep your soil loose so that the extra water can quickly drain through it. In addition, you can add organic material to your soil because organic materials such as manure keep soil moisturized, and they also nourish your plant.

Natural ingredients like peat Moss, Coco peat, kitchen compost, etc., work excellent. However, before mixing the organic matter in your soil, check whether it is composed successfully because decomposed organic material can be dangerous for your plant. Non decomposed material can infect philodendrons with various diseases and pests. 

NOTE: – Use cactus mix for the best results in the growth of the plant. 

Philodendron Florida Green
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Temperature Requirement

Philodendron Florida green are highly adaptive plants, but they grow well in average warm temperatures; if you are planting them inside your house, the temperature should range from 75 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equal to 23 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. They cannot survive in extremely cold climatic conditions, and the minimum temperature they can tolerate is 12 degrees Celsius; lower than 12 degrees can kill your plant quickly. 

If you live in a region where it is not much cold or much hot, you can place your plants outside of your house in a location where sunlight cannot approach them directly; a temperature around 13 degrees Celsius can be tolerated by these plants at night and the day temperature should be 30 degree Celsius.

Humidity Requirement

Philodendrons are generally found in the tropical rainforest, so they love the humid environment, and they grow better in a humid climate. However, these variegated plants can get dry from house appliances like heaters and air conditioners, so it is necessary to provide a humid environment for Florida green plants. The essential humidity requirement for them should be above 50% if you keep them in your house. Humidity not only helps them to grow fast, but they also help them to stay stronger and fight disease. 

You can provide humidity to your plant with the Cotton ball dipped in water; rub your Cotton Bowl slowly on the leaves of Florida green so that they can stay humid. Although if you don’t have enough time to provide regular humidity to your plant with the help of cotton, then you might use a humidifier that can automatically provide humidity to your plan according to their needs. Apart from this, the humidifier will only make the environment humid around the plant and will not make your whole house sticky.

Fertilizer Requirement

Florida green philodendrons are often heavy feeders, and feeding them regularly with suitable quantities would be ideal for your plants. A nitrogen fertilizer would be good; if you want your plants to leave, they’ll grow bigger. Apart from this, Fertilizers also help your plant to stay healthy. Fertilizers are only necessary for their growing month, in summer or late fall, because they grow best in this season. However, please do not feed them with fertilizers in the winter season because they stop growing at that time. Providing them once in two weeks would be recommended for your plants.

Nourishing them with fertilizers with half quantity is a much better option than the total amount. This is because the plant which grows in low lighting conditions needs less fertilizer, but philodendron Florida green needs a lot of light to grow, so this implies that they also need fertilizers, and fertilizing the moist soil would help your plant to avoid root injuries.

Potting and Repotting

These two things are vital for a plant. Potting is the first process you must do to plant your Florida green. However, it is not a hard job; it is effortless, and repotting is required every two to three years to provide better growth to plants. A quick guide on how to pot or re-pot is mentioned below.


While planting these plants, you need some items that are essential for this process, such as a pot, soil, organic material, fertilizers, and water. Make sure that the pot you are using is not significant because, in their starting stage, philodendrons need a small space to grow better. A small pot Can last long for three-year. While holding Florida green, you have to be very safe because these plants are susceptible and can be damaged easily.

To start this process, take a small-sized pot and start filling it with soil; once the pot is filled in half, you should stop adding more soil. Next, place your plant into the soil and add the rest of the soil to the pot. In addition, you must keep your potting mix loose so water can quickly drain through them. After the plantation, you can water your plant in small quantities.


Repotting is necessary every two to three-year because, after this period, your plant stops growing in a small pot, and you will need a larger one for further and better growth of your plant. It is crucial to know the timing when you should repot your plant. In the growing stage of philodendron Florida green, it would be ideal to transplant them because, in their growing stage, they can adapt well and efficiently.

The Winter season is not idle for transplanting because philodendrons stop their growth in the winter season and start again until summer end in late fall. Use a pot Bigger than the previous one because this time, your plant is going to grow much bigger than it used to be. 

Philodendron Florida Green Cuttings
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Pests and Diseases

There is no such disease or insect problem reported in this philodendron Florida green because they are highly adaptive and have the capability of fighting common problems like pests and conditions on their own. But still, you should keep your plant safe from aphids, spider mites, scale, and mealy bugs as they can be responsible for occurring leaf sports. They can also cause route routing if the soil is overly moist. Additionally, if the tiny leaves of your plant have the most prominent space between them, then this might be a symbol of light requirement.

Height and Growth Rate 

Philodendrons are slow-growing plants, and the height of philodendron Florida green can range between two to five feet. Generally, if they are planted in a house, they might grow up to 2.5 feet in length. After being mature, their height increases to four inches in length. However, if they are grown in their natural habitat, then they might be able to go up to 5 feet tall. 

Does Philodendron Florida Green Have Flowers? 

It is not evident that these plant groove floors. Their leaves are stunning, so no one cares about their flower growth. They can produce some flowers that are purple, but it is only possible if they are grown in their tropical region. For house planters, it is nearly impossible to provide them same tropical rainforest environment.

How to Propagate Philodendron Florida Green? 

There are many ways by which you can propagate your plant, but one of the essential propagation processes is cutting and layering. Propagation is a necessity in their growing season. A place where leaves made the small stem brown numbs is formed there. Those numb are very helpful in propagation because they can grow quickly after contact with soil. You should cut a numb from your plant and dip them in water with some horticulture pieces of charcoal. Using charcoal will remove the possibility of root rotting. 

After a few days, the growth of a new plant will start, and that would be when you should place your numb in a pot filled with rich soil. You can also propagate plants with the help of numbers that accidentally fell into the soil because they grow automatically to sprout in a short time. These are the two popular propagation methods for philodendrons.

Is Philodendron Florida Green Poisonous?

Yes, they are poisonous plants that can be harmful to both humans and animals. Although they would not kill you or your pet, they are still capable of giving stomach infections for a few hours. So if you have kids or pets in your house, do not let them touch the plant, or you can keep them out of their reach. They won’t affect unless someone swallows them or chew them coz toxins enter only by consuming them, not by touching them. 

How Much Is Philodendron Florida Green Worth?

These rare plants can be cheap and expensive according to their variegation. It can be available for around $ 100 to $ 500 US dollars which is nothing bug for these attractive plants. They are available online and offline but only in some specialized stores, or you can buy them from house planters who plant them.

Comparison Between Some Similar Plants

Philodendron Florida Green vs. Florida Ghost

These two plants are almost similar. They look the same, their growth rate is also the same, and the shapes of leaves are also the same, but the thing that makes them different is their leaf color. Florida ghosts have light green and dark green, both colors, while Florida green only comes with darker color leaves. 

Philodendron Florida Green vs. Florida Beauty

The shape of their leaves are identical, but their color pattern is different. For example, beauty comes with dark green and white green patterns, whereas Florida green does not have such a pattern.

Philodendron Florida Green vs. Bipennifolium

There is a slight difference between the shape and size of the leaves of these plants. Bipennifolium comes with large leaves and is different from the start shape. Other than that, these plants are almost similar. 

Philodendron Florida Green vs. Squamiferum

These two are different in many ways, such as caretaking. Growth rates are also different Squamiferum grows normally. 

Philodendron Florida Green vs. Glad Hands

Glad Hands is a mutation of pedatum, which makes it very different from Florida green because of their different vegetation and weather requirement. Apart from this, they grow taller than Florida green. 

Philodendron Florida Green vs. Pedatum

Please read the guide of Philodendron Pedatum

Common Problems

Philodendrons and other plants face many common problems which can be occurred because of poor caretaking. If you are taking better care of your plant, then you don’t have to worry about common problems.

· Leaves falling

· Leave turning brown

· Curling of leaves 

· Rotting in roots 

Final Words

Philodendron green plants are the perfect choice for people new to house planting because they don’t have to worry about their health; hence they need very little caring time. They are also perfect if you want to decorate the interior of your house. They are small plants that can be placed anywhere. 

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