Hi, This is Kee. The founder of plantsbeginner.com.
Both indoors and outdoors, the plants have many benefits. They can boost air quality, increase the comfortable environment in rooms and help decrease the risk of illness. They can help relieves stress, worries, and anxiety. Make people feel happier and have more positive emotions. Working with plants is also a very easy and good exercise to get rid of heart disease.
But for beginners, there is a lot of knowledge they need to learn to work with plants well. They need to know the light, water, soil, temperature, humidity, fertilizing requirements to take care of plants. They should know how to propagate, repot, prune the plants. They also should find out the common problems like leaves dropping or turning yellow. Moreover, each plant is different and you can’t do the same caring and how-to steps.
They are already tons of information online. But many of them are scattered and outdated(especially for those plants that not so popular). Our team decided to create this one-stop platform to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and handy guides for beginners.
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